Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update and all the rest!

This has been a fun week.
Monday we pulled into a friends house in N.Y.
Tuesday we left early in the morning to go to York PA.
The next day we stayed home all day and then went to church that night.
Thursday I went with mom and Dad to pick up a rabbit.
And then we went to a bookstore, a thrift store etc.
So it has been a fun week.
At the bookstore the owner gave me a old hymn book it was 1863 it had a song from Newton in it.
Keep praying for Silas he is not doing to well right now but God can work miracles.
The One M

Friday, July 3, 2009


We have been staying at Lake Erie State Park for about two weeks and it rained almost all the time except the first few days.
The baby bunnies are getting bigger and soon they will be finding a new home.
I will put pictures up soon.
My brothers birthday is in six days (The ninth).
Then we will be having a week long camp meeting with a Pastor in N.Y
So we will be very busy.