Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break this Sunday

Today we went to church it was a good service this morning. After church some people got baptized. At two we went street preaching until four. A couple of girls came and talked to us they were baptist's. We went back and had church. It was about the Prodigal son.
The one M

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Small Vacation

We went to St. Augustine Beach and stayed at the State Park. We went to the old downtown and wandered through the shops. We bought some shells, shark teeth and little glass animals. We went out to the beach and got wet. All of us children slept in the tent one night and Dad slept with us the next evening. Most of the time there we grilled out. We went to the playground and also bought ice cream at the camp store. We saw some Wright Whales. We rode our bikes a lot. I had fun there. I would like to go back sometime.
By the other M

Why Jesus Died

Jesus died to save the lost.
Jesus died to pay the cost.
Jesus died to give us grace.
Jesus died for every race.
Jesus died so we would gain.
Jesus died and suffered pain.
Jesus died to save your soul.
Jesus died to live and rule.
Jesus died my soul to save.
Jesus died, so much He gave.
By One M