Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Don't Marry A Man If He Drinks.

Young ladies, pray listen to me
And keep just as quiet as mice,

While I sing you a song-it is not very long-
Which contains a piece of advice:
No matter what people may say,
No matter what somebody thinks;
If you wish to be happy the rest of your days,
Don't marry a man if he drinks,
Don't marry a man if he drinks.

He may be so handsome and gay,
And have such a beautiful voice;
And may dance so divinely you'll feel in your heart
That he must be the man of your choice;
If his accents are tender and low,
And sweeter than roses and pinks,
And his breath quite a different thing, you may know
Your exquisite gentleman drinks;
Your exquisite gentleman drinks.

Just think of the sorrows and cares,
The heart-rending sighs and fears;
Of the words and the blows, and cruelest woes,
And then think of the ocean of tears;
Think of Toodles the drunkest of men,
His attitudes, his coughs, and winks,
And then think what a dignified pair you will make
If you marry a man that drinks.

Young ladies, look well to your hearts,
Don't throw them away on a sot,
Or a man who is given to treating his friends,
Whatever his station or lot;
Though his pride may uphold him awhile,
Yet sooner or later he sinks;
Then if you would be happy the rest of your days,
Don't marry a man if he drinks.


Unknown said...

That's a very good poem...and very good thoughts too!

We love you and miss you all! Hannah says hello!

Ted Snyder said...

Amen! I agree!

Jillian Snyder