Thursday, December 3, 2009


We pulled into Chicago on Wednesday 25th. On the way here we played Racket Ball. Dad preached at church Wednesday night. Thursday we went to the T's for Thanksgiving. Friday we went street-preaching. It was pretty cold. Saturday we went street-preaching again. It was warmer Saturday. Sunday Dad preached for Sunday School, Sunday Morning, and Sunday Night. Sunday Morning Dad preached "Is Your House Unclean?(part 1)" Sunday Night at five there was a Disciple-ship class. Dad preached to the men on Purity.
Mom went down-stairs and taught on SUBMISSION for the Ladies.
For church Sunday Night Dad preached "Is Your House Unclean? (part 2)"
Wednesday night Dad preached "The Power Of A Wife"
We left Chicago Friday the 4th.
When left we went to Indianapolis.
Sun. we pulled into Bro. Jays.

The One M