Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update- My 13 Birthday-Cute Baby

First are a couple of pictures from my birthday.

The first package.

Inside the package is this...

A Mug with a picture of Kelsey and I at Master Clubs 2010.
Nice Huh!

And a Mouse Pad.
Double Nice.

Then a Camera

Then a Bag for the Camera.

I had more gifts but I did not want to put on too many pictures. I got three books, a T-shirt with a picture on it, a mug from the Creation Museum etc.

Here are some pictures of Hannah-

Having fun playing with a smiley face sticker.

She really did have fun!

She had fun jumping on me running off coming back jumping on me running off.
She thought it was so funny.

What a face!

Reading a Tract while Streetpreching

After her Bath

I will put up pictures from street preaching later.
I don't think I should put on any more pictures.

The One M