Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chicago and Ice Skating!!

We went to Chicago for two weeks. It was really fun. Dad preached 12 times while we we there. On Black Friday most of the family went street-preaching. Mom, the other M and I stayed back to help with H. and little J.

(How interesting!)

(The other M enjoyed just sitting there with him)

(Look at that face!)

(Is this how it works?)

(Let Mommy try!)

(She enjoyed the "Puppies" alot.)

(Don't touch my pie!)

We also went Ice Skating for the first time! It was really fun. At first we were just going along the edge where we could grab the rail.

(The Other M)

After a little while we did go out into the middle though:D

(The One M)


(And they did race!)

(Mom was trying to see how many pictures she could get of D. falling or fallen)

(That's two)

(And that's three. Mom took more but I only have so much room)

(Then Z. fell)

(Trying to help him up)

(Getting there)

(From the other side)

(Here are some of the girls)

Ice Skating was fun. We went twice while we were there.

Here are a couple of pictures of us goofing off in the room with B...

(The most normal picture)


(This is my favorite. Look at the Other M's face!)

So there are some pictures of us in Chicago. Hope you enjoyed them!

The Two M and M's!!


Paige said...

lol skating looked fun we went back in november it was are second time and lots of fun I just held onto the rail almost the whole time