Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry about how long it has been since we have posted. We have been pretty busy. Here is an update on where we have been.

The biggest places we have been on our trip our New Mexico and Texas. In New Mexico we pulled in Friday night, went street preaching in front of a rock music concert, went to the church and had dinner, and then went and preached at the bar until 11:30 at night. Sat. we went street preaching in front of a UFO Museum. Sat. night Dad did two of his Cult Presentations.

Sun. morning we preached in front of the Church On the Move, ate breakfast and then went to church. Dad preached four times on Sunday. Monday morning we packed up and left.

Church On The Move has a movie studio!

The results of Hope's Blue Raspberry Icee.

The best soda. Dr. Pepper!

We have seen quite a few airplanes.

We were at one hotel for a few days and we were able to get in the pool.

The Boys

Jumping in...

The big splash!


We saw this strange looking Bank of America on the way back from the Alamo.

Wed. night we visited a church in Austin Texas where some good friends of ours go. We had not seen them for about 10 years so we went out to eat after church and did not get done until 12:00. Thursday we went to lunch with the pastor and went street preaching that night. Friday morning Dad did two Cult Presentations for the college and then visited the Alamo. Sat. morn we went out to breakfast with our friends and then left.

Street Preaching.

The Alamo!

The girls

And the Boys.

We visited the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. Sunday morning (yesterday) we went and preached in front of the biggest sodomite church in the US. So there is an update on some of the things we have been doing lately. Hope you liked the pics!

The One M!