Wednesday, April 25, 2012



It sure has been a while since we have posted! I am going to try updating on here more and I am going to change the background and header (designing one myself!) so keep an eye out.

Lately we have been catching up on School, doing some things around the house, planting our Garden, playing Volleyball, Kickball, and more! We have been busy but is has been fun. Here are some pictures.



She was having alot of fun playing with Webster and Lady Grace.

Lady Grace loves her new Shades!

We were in the middle of a game of Volleyball and the boys decided to wrestle. :)


Two Hand Touch Football

She was having fun!

We went for a walk at the park.

Weeding around the Rose bushes in the front yard.

Resting on the trail!

It is growing!


We have been packing and getting ready to head to the Kentucky Derby. We are supposed to have quite a few people coming. That will be good. After that we come back here for a couple days and then head to Chicago and we will be up for a couple weeks.

I will do try and do another update soon. :D

The One M~