Friday, December 31, 2010

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chicago and Ice Skating!!

We went to Chicago for two weeks. It was really fun. Dad preached 12 times while we we there. On Black Friday most of the family went street-preaching. Mom, the other M and I stayed back to help with H. and little J.

(How interesting!)

(The other M enjoyed just sitting there with him)

(Look at that face!)

(Is this how it works?)

(Let Mommy try!)

(She enjoyed the "Puppies" alot.)

(Don't touch my pie!)

We also went Ice Skating for the first time! It was really fun. At first we were just going along the edge where we could grab the rail.

(The Other M)

After a little while we did go out into the middle though:D

(The One M)


(And they did race!)

(Mom was trying to see how many pictures she could get of D. falling or fallen)

(That's two)

(And that's three. Mom took more but I only have so much room)

(Then Z. fell)

(Trying to help him up)

(Getting there)

(From the other side)

(Here are some of the girls)

Ice Skating was fun. We went twice while we were there.

Here are a couple of pictures of us goofing off in the room with B...

(The most normal picture)


(This is my favorite. Look at the Other M's face!)

So there are some pictures of us in Chicago. Hope you enjoyed them!

The Two M and M's!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

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Friday, September 10, 2010


While driving we have passed some really nice scenes. One time we were driving in a forest with branches hanging over the vehicles and I had been reading and then it was really dark. It was fun going through the trees. Some were hanging across the whole road. Sometimes we passed wide fields with corn and wheat; it was really nice. And some times we passed really high Mountains and we were going up really steep hills. It was fun and scary going down in the back seat with my brothers. Sometimes we would act like we were on a roller coaster. Going around hills was fun too.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Night by Candle Light! :D

That is right. Friday night we had Family Night. We stay up late, have Ice Cream, snacks, play games together etc. Friday afternoon it started pouring. The wind was really bad! We still wanted to do Family Night anyway. So we played games by candle light as you will see in the pictures.

The whole group (except me)...

What do YOU think?

Say that again.

Let me think.

Reading the rules.

There are some pictures of our Family Night. We were playing Point of Law. It is a fun law game. You think and learn also. If you have Family Night or ideas for family night please leave me a comment. Thank you!

The One M~

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update- My 13 Birthday-Cute Baby

First are a couple of pictures from my birthday.

The first package.

Inside the package is this...

A Mug with a picture of Kelsey and I at Master Clubs 2010.
Nice Huh!

And a Mouse Pad.
Double Nice.

Then a Camera

Then a Bag for the Camera.

I had more gifts but I did not want to put on too many pictures. I got three books, a T-shirt with a picture on it, a mug from the Creation Museum etc.

Here are some pictures of Hannah-

Having fun playing with a smiley face sticker.

She really did have fun!

She had fun jumping on me running off coming back jumping on me running off.
She thought it was so funny.

What a face!

Reading a Tract while Streetpreching

After her Bath

I will put up pictures from street preaching later.
I don't think I should put on any more pictures.

The One M

Saturday, May 8, 2010


We pulled into Chicago Tuesday. Wednesday Dad preached for the Church we are at. Friday there was a Mother/Daughter Banquet. Today (Saturday) we are going street-preaching. We are going almost every Saturday. I will put up some pics later of street-preaching here and at the Kentucky Derby. We are going to have a revival from Sunday to Wednesday.

I thought this was neat. I like it.
This is a picture from my Sisters birthday. My Dad's birthday was the other day. It was fun.
Put pics up later.
The Two M and M's ~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Armed Forces Military Museum

Friday, February 5th Dad, my two Brothers and I went to the Armed Forces Military Museum in Clearwater, FL.
The Museum was really neat!! We pulled into the Parking lot and they had a bunch of Tanks and Vehicles. The picture on the Left is one of the Trucks outside.
Once you went inside there was a Museum store. We looked around in the store and then went to the actual Museum. You went through a big door and there was a really neat place!!
A really neat place. It had Pipes and they had smoke coming out of them and then Fire would poof up.

This is sorta blurry but it is neat!!

The One M

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tuesday morning we left and went to Danville with some friends. We met them Thursday morning. We met at the YMCA and us kids played Racket-Ball. It was really fun. After Racket-Ball we went to Ryans for lunch. When we got to the hotel the boys went swimming while the girls played Scrabble. Then the Girls went swimming and the boys played a board game. We played Marco-Polo in the pool. after swimming the Girls showered and then we all went down to the lobby to eat the Pizza we had ordered. The one pizza had barely any cheese so we called them and they sent out two more Pizzas. After Pizza we sat there for a while and just talked. Some of them played Scrabble and us Girls played Sorry. After a little while the boys went outside to play snowballs. The next morning we went down to the breakfast area and had breakfast and then read the bible together. After we read some of them played scrabble again and us Girls played Sorry again. We packed and went to Ryans again. They were having a special then. After Ryans our family left to come back and they left and went to their house.